Our Goal is to help you effectively manage the job search process as well as manage your career.

Reitman Personnel wants to help you gain a competitive edge, to obtain interviews, get job offers and enhance your career.

With over 20 years of experience as staffing and recruiting professionals we have learned what drives the decisions of hiring managers. It’s not always the most qualified candidate who gets the job. We believe that any successful job search process should include finding information and guidance that will lead you to your next best and most appropriate job opportunity.

ReitmanCareer.com can assist you with your job search plan, resume, interview, and negotiating skills so you can obtain job offers and land your “next best job”.

ReitmanCareer.com is designed to offer you tools and resources that you can use throughout your entire career.

  • The Career Assessment Tools will help you identify your greatest interests and the careers where you can best utilize your skills and experience.
  • The Resume Wizard will walk you through building an effective resume
  • Free webinars on job search and career development issues and skills
  • Career Advisors

Register with us today and begin to use the tools and benefits that ReitmanCareer.com has to offer.


For those interested in the direct services of Reitman Personnel please contact Howard Reitman at 203-488-6944 or at howard@reitmanpersonnel.com for any of the following:
• Resume evaluation
• Resume writing
• Career coaching
• Managing a career wound*

(*a career wound is a Reitman Personnel term describing an unfavorable career effecting event i.e. being fired)

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